Contoh Surat Return Back

Kop Surat Perusahaan :

Date         : March 19’ 2010
To            : Beijing Custom Officer in-Charge

Subject     : Cargo wrongly Shipped to Beijing Airport

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please Note that above mentioned shipment was wrongly shipped to Tianjin Semi Electronics Co.Ltd. due to mis-handling in origin station.

MAWB     : 618-8156
HAWB      : 030-003000
QTY.          : 1 CTN
WEIGHT    : 2 Kilograms

We request to arrange to return back to our factory as following address :

PT.Sami Asih
Cikarang Industrial Estate
Jalan Jababeka Raya, Cikarang
Bekasi 17530 Indonesia
PIC : Indrus  ( Logistics team )
Telp. 021-89837007

Your kindly approval is highly appreciated.

Thank you and regards,

Logistics Inbound

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