Contoh Surat Changed of Destination :

Kop Surat 

                              DIVERSION REQUEST FORM

To     :  Carrier LINES                                               Fax No : -
Attn   :  Customer Service Rep.

From :  PT. Angin Memory Indonesia

This is to request a change of destination of our cargo using the following details :

Bill of Lading Number                      :   BAP073660588

Vessel/Voyage                                  :  SANTA ISABELLA007

Container Number                            :   ITLU2294650/PPL8576601/20ft

Change from old destination            :    SOKHNA PORT

 To new destination                          :    DAMMIETA PORT

Consignee Name                              :   SONY GULF FZE,

Requester Name                               :   Edward

Requester Company                         :   PT.Angin Memory Indonesia

Telephone and Fax Number             :   021-5207434

We are aware that there is a minimum charge of USD 150 ( for US trade ) and / or USD 150 ( for Europe trade, Intra Asia Trade ) per B/L, USD 150 ( for Australia Trade ) per container, subject to maximum charge of USD 400 per container. Where diversion results in additional expenses to Carrier these additional charges will be for requester account.

Please advise if diversion request is possible.

Jakarta, February 8, 2008


Export Division